Everyone is entitled to read music.”

MathPiano, a worldwide advocacy agency, emphasizes viewing music education as a comprehensive experience for young children. Through extensive research, we’ve discovered a system that perfectly matches the way children’s cognitive abilities develop. As a global advocate, we are committed to making this innovative program accessible to everyone around the world. We advocate for equal opportunities for every child to learn music notation, similar to the educational experiences provided in literacy and mathematics. We invite school districts to contact us to have our program implemented in their curriculum, ensuring a brighter future for students globally.

The Level 1 and Level 2 Programs from MathPiano are designed for students in grades 1 to 3 and offered to schools serving these grades. For additional details, please reach out to info@mathpiano.com. These programs should be integrated into the school’s general music education curriculum and are not available for individual sale. Homeschooled students can obtain the program through their associated school district or by enrolling in our BAAM Digital School, which offers advanced levels beyond Level 2.

Premiering Event & Workshop (B.C., Canada)
Join us for the MathPiano™ inaugural testing and launch event, premiering in Canada. Experience the introduction of MathPiano™, revolutionizing music literacy through innovative cognitive methods. Music enthusiasts, educators, and industry professionals are invited to witness this historic moment and see how MathPiano™ transforms music education.
10 AM – 2 PMVancouver, BC